The Witness is headed to PlayStation 4, the next game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow

Nothing could've been more delightful than Braid creator Jonathan Blow suddenly walking on-stage at Sony's big PlayStation 4 reveal only to make fun of all the explosions the event had already featured. Oh sure, he was also at the event to reveal that his latest game, The Witness, is headed to Sony's PlayStation 4 (as well as to PC and iOS, as the reveal trailer elucidates), but the first statement was much funnier. Anyway, the game looks much, much better than the various demos we've played across the past few years -- Blow's been developing The Witness for quite some time, and showing it publicly, albeit never on a PlayStation 4. We'll hopefully hear more in the coming days, so keep an eye out.

Update: This post originally stated that The Witness was heading exclusively to the PlayStation 4, when in fact it's only "console exclusive" to the PlayStation 4. It will also launch on iOS and PC. We've added the new trailer below the break.