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Track refurbished Apple hardware with RefurbMe

RefurbMe is a website that keeps track of refurbished stock at Apple's online store. And that's quite useful if you're not in a position to pay full price for a Mac. Some years ago we covered a refurb store widget, but RefurbMe takes it to the next level.

I have a slight confession to make. I've never paid full price for a Mac. Of the Macs I've owned, I've either bought second hand, at educational pricing or refurbished at a discount from the Apple Store.

Buying refurbished from Apple is actually a pretty good deal. Products are sold as new, and with the same one-year warranty that non-refurbished Apple products come with, but usually at a reasonable discount -- particularly models that are a generation or two old. But even current generation models come up on the refurb store at a discount.

However, it can be difficult to track what's happening on the refurb store. For instance, when a particular model becomes available or how much stock there is left of a particular model. Even keeping track of the discount pricing can be a chore.

That's why RefurbMe is such a great tool, and a great-looking website too. Simply select your country (21 available) and RefurbMe displays all that's available as refurb from Apple, with current stock, original price and discounted price, and addition detail like stock and price trends.

Furthermore, if you sign up, RefurbMe sends you text or email alerts when items you've chosen become available, so you can snap up a bargain before it's too late.

If you're in the market for a new Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad, and you don't mind buying refurb, do check out RefurbMe.

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