Art Levinson discusses the post-Jobs era

Art Levinson discusses the postJobs era

Art Levinson summed up his experience as chairman of Apple's board of directors since Steve Jobs passed in one word. "Weird," said Levinson who spoke on Tuesday at Stanford's Graduate School of Business "I'm still not to the point where I walk into that boardroom and don't miss Steve," Levinson added.

According to a report in Fortune, Levinson talked about a wide range of topics covering his relationship with Jobs, his role as the chairman of Apple's board and his management style at Genentech.

Though there are changes at Apple under Tim Cook, Levinson is optimistic about the company in the long run. "There [are] long-term signs of how a company is doing and whether or not Apple sells 47 or 48 million iPhones -- let somebody else worry about that," he said.

You can read more about Levinson's talk in the article on Fortune and view people's reactions on Twitter.

[Image from Sten Tamkivi]