Nokia 105 and 301 candybar phones announced at MWC, offer simplicity on the cheap

Think Nokia's all about Lumias these days? While the Windows Phone brand is still the company's primary point of focus, it doesn't mean Nokia isn't still cranking out millions of basic phones for emerging markets around the globe. With that in mind, the Finnish phone giant has outed two such handsets at its event at Mobile World Congress. Sure, they aren't much to look at, but Nokia feels it's still an important element of its strategy to dominate the lower-end market segment.

The first cellular telephone unveiled at this morning's event is the Nokia 105, which is about as simple as they come these days. Once it arrives on the market this quarter, you'll be able to grab one for €15 ($20) in either cyan or black. It contains such features as a flashlight and FM radio, and the noteworthy bullet point is its month-long battery life (standby time). The second half of the pair is the 301 (pictured above), which is a bit more fancy at €65 ($85). It will come with a 3.2MP camera with panorama mode, sequential shots and a clever little self-portrait mode that audibly prepares you for your next glamour selfie. Additionally, the 301 lets you take advantage of Mail for exchange, Nokia Xpress internet (which compresses data down by about 90 percent) and HSPA connectivity with video sharing. Dual and single-SIM options will be available in Q2 of this year.

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Nokia 105 and the Nokia 301 add aspirational Lumia experiences to mobile phones

Nokia also unveiled the Nokia 105, its most affordable phone to date, and the Nokia 301, for
more affordable Internet and email access, and camera experiences inspired by Nokia Lumia

The Nokia 105 is the ideal device for the first-time phone buyer, featuring a bright color screen
with clear menus and essentials like FM radio, multiple alarm clocks, speaking clock, a dust and splash-proof, pillowed key pad, and a flashlight. Its durability and up to 35-day battery life also make it ideal for people seeking a back-up device.

The Nokia 105 is available in black and cyan for a recommended price of EUR 15. It is planned to start rolling out in Q1 2013 and is expected to be gradually expanded to in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam and other markets in Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

The colorful Nokia 301 delivers elegant design and a bold color palette, with a fast, 3.5G
Internet connection and Nokia Xpress Browser preloaded for up to 90 percent more data
efficiency. It is the most affordable Nokia device to offer video streaming and also comes with
new smart camera features, inspired by the digital camera lenses on the Nokia Lumia

The Nokia 301 is available in cyan, black, magenta, yellow and white for a recommended price
of EUR 65. It is planned to start rolling out in Q2 2013 and is expected to be available in more
than 120 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, Middle East and Latin America.