France Telecom-Orange will release Tizen 2.0 devices from Samsung this year, maybe Huawei too (updated)

Tizen's holding a posh little shindig here at Mobile World Congress to officially launch the Tizen 2.0 OS, which was recently released to developers (but not on phones you can actually buy). In addition to showcasing the operating system, which we just got hands-on with, the company announced a bit of news: France Telecom-Orange will sell Tizen 2.0 handsets this year, with devices from Samsung and possibly Huawei. Unfortunately, we don't have any more specifics to share, but we have to say, that was fast! The folks at Tizen don't play, do they?

Update: While France Telecom-Orange has confirmed it will carry a Samsung device running Tizen 2.0, it has not confirmed it will sell a Huawei-made Tizen phone; the carrier has only said it is considering adding a Huawei Tizen device to its lineup.