Best App Ever 2012 winners announced, Walking Dead takes top prize

Our friend Jeff Scott over at 148Apps has been running the annual Best App Ever awards for five years now, featuring some of the greatest apps on the App Store voted on by popular demand to determine the "Best App Ever." Last year's winners have just been announced, and Telltale's The Walking Dead game has taken the top spot in voting. There's no question at all that it's a great game and a terrific app, though personally I played it on the Xbox 360, and I preferred that platform. But it's a solid choice, and if you don't like that one, there are lots and lots of other categories to go through.

Launch Center Pro, for example (which allows you to launch not just apps, but specific functions within them), won for Most Innovative App, while sync/sharing app Dropbox picked up Most Useful App. One of my favorite games, Punch Quest, won both Best Time Killer and Best Free To Play Game, while the great Junk Jack sandbox adventure game won for Most Addicting Game.

There are tons of great apps in this list -- some are extremely popular, but there are a few choice gems in there that you may not have tried yet. Congrats to Jeff on a fifth successful year of the Best App Ever awards, and the site says they'll be back at the end of this year to reward the best of 2013.