Apple patent application details magnetic iPad stand for extra-secure mounting

A recently published Apple patent reveals the design for a "magnetic tablet configured to rigidly hold a portion of the tablet device in place." You can bet that "tablet device" is the iPad, and judging from the many photos associated with the patent, the stand is meant to mount the slate more securely than your average dock, not to mention the Smart Cover. One scenario, for instance, shows the iPad secured on top of a treadmill, while another depicts the device hanging from the roof of the car. By far the most intriguing example is two iPads connected to each other magnetically, creating a hinge between the two displays. Click through to the source link for a look at Cupertino's other envisioned use cases for this super-strength stand -- though don't get your hopes up on seeing this design hit stores any time soon; the original patent was filed in late 2011.