Daily iPhone App: Climate Clock lets you know what you need to wear every hour of the day

As much as I love full-featured weather apps like Weatherbug or Accuweather, most of the time all I need is a quick summary of the weather for the next few hours and not a detailed forecast for the next few days. One app that helps me figure out whether I need snow boots or an umbrella when I leave the house is Climate Clock.

As its name implies, Climate Clock uses a clock face to show the temperature, wind speed and precipitation throughout the day. The app shows the temperature when it opens, but you can easily switch between the weather parameters by tapping on the screen. When you switch between temperature, wind speed and precipitation, there is a jumping animation that is a bit distracting. Otherwise, the UI is clean and responsive.

Besides the daily weather for your location, the app also displays a 10-day forecast when you swipe upward and the weather for other locations when you swipe from right to left. A left to right swipe exposes the settings and that's about it.

Climate Clock is not my go to app when there is a big storm coming, but it is my daily driver when I want to know what to wear for the day. Climate Clock is available for 99-cents from the iOS App Store.