The After Math: Cinder block-chucking robots, Barcelona's mobile bonanza and brain doctors

Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

The After Math Barcelona's mobile bonanza, Big Dog and brain doctors

Barcelona's Mobile World Congress may have formed the backbone for this week's news but there was also notable news elsewhere -- like the fact that Boston Dynamics' upgraded quadruped robot can now throw cinder blocks. We'll be sticking closer to the (safer) events in Spain, however, so take a look for yourself after the break.

  • Attendees at this year's Mobile World Congress: More than 72,000

  • Attendees at MWC 2012: More than 67,000

  • Attendees at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: More than 150,000

  • MWC 2013 show floor area at the new Fira Gran Via venue: 1.01 million square feet

  • CES 2013 show floor area: 1.85 million square feet

  • Number of Engadget liveblogs this week: 6

  • Number of Engadget liveblogs last week: 2 (Sony and HTC)

  • The price of Nokia's new 105 basic phone: 15 euros (about $20)

  • Price of three coffees on the show floor: 6 euros

  • Price of Nokia's new Lumia 720 Windows Phone: 249 euros (about $330)

  • Launch event date for Samsung's next major smartphone: March 14th, 2013

  • Announce date for the Galaxy S III: May 3rd, 2012

  • Number of monthly active users on Instagram: 100 million

  • Number of monthly active users on Facebook: More than 1 billion

  • Time taken to create the first version of Surgeon Simulator 2013, now out on Steam: 48 hours

  • Battery life of Boston Dynamics' awesomely terrifying Big Dog: 24 hours

  • Top speed of Boston Dynamics' Cheetah robot: 29.3 miles per hour

  • Usain Bolt's top speed: 27.79 miles per hour