Nokia Lumia 928 possibly seen in Verizon's system, spoils few surprises

We know that Verizon is adding at least one more Nokia Lumia to its stable in the near future. However, there's been little in tangible evidence to suggest just what's coming to the carrier's Windows Phone line. A purported leak to Phone Arena from Verizon's internal product listings could help fill in that picture. It mentions a Lumia 928, and not much else -- but Nokia's naming customs immediately suggest that this will be Big Red's rumored variant of the Lumia 920, which is currently limited to AT&T in the US. The device isn't necessarily connected to the RM-860 we saw at the FCC, although it does support murmurs that Verizon wants at least some kind of improvement over the strictly middling Lumia 822. If the 928 is real, we're mostly left wondering whether or not it will come quickly enough to remain relevant.