Refresh Roundup: week of February 25th, 2013

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!

Official Android updates

  • Sony Xperia TL: This smartphone for AT&T is now eligible for an upgrade to Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) via Sony's PC Companion. [Sony Mobile, Android Central]

  • Samsung Galaxy Stellar: Verizon Wireless has announced that it'll begin rolling out Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to the Galaxy Stellar on March 4th. The update will also bring support for 64GB microSD cards and will install Verizon's Remote Diagnostics app. [Verizon Wireless, Droid Life]

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: Android 4.1.2 is now available to subscribers of Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Videotron via OTA update. [Mobile Syrup]

  • LG Optimus Vu II: LG has announced an update to Jelly Bean for this smartphone for users within South Korea. The new software will rollout this month to subscribers of SKT, KT and LG U+. [LG Newsroom]

  • HTC One S: Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada have released Jelly Bean as an OTA update for this smartphone. [Mobile Syrup]

  • Samsung Galaxy S III: Sprint has released an incremental update that fixes calendar sync issues, adds three-digit SMS support and brings a new version of the voicemail app. [Android Police]

  • LG Intuition: Verizon's re-brand of the Optimus Vu has been tipped to receive a software update that adds split-view email, the ability to add messages as email attachments, improvements to the speakerphone and compass, along with a bug fix that'd caused text messages to be received multiple times. The update also removes the Color and V Cast apps, but it also installs the Amazon Appstore. [Droid Life]

  • HTC Rhyme: Verizon has announced an update to this smartphone that'll remove the Music on Demand, Video on Demand and V Cast apps. [Droid Life]

Unofficial Android updates, custom ROMs and misc. hackery

  • LG Optimus G: Sprint has yet to make this one official, but a few individuals report of an update to Jelly Bean for this quad-core smartphone. Likewise, the software has been made available for download in the xda-developers forums. [Android Police, xda-developers]

  • Galaxy Nexus: Word has it that Verizon's now testing Android 4.2.2 with a small number of Galaxy Nexus users. The update is said to bring an updated baseband, too. [Droid Life]

  • HTC Droid DNA: Significant progress was made this week toward getting the Droid DNA on its feet with CyanogenMod 10. Most importantly, the radio is now working for data (but not audio) connections. [Thanks, Harrison] [xda-developers]

  • Samsung Epic 4G: Official builds of CyanogenMod 10.1 are now available for Sprint's QWERTY-toting member of the Galaxy S family. [Android Police]

  • Samsung Galaxy Note: Samsung has released the Jelly Bean kernel source code for the international version (N7000) of this smartphone. [Android Police]

  • HTC One SV: HTC has released the kernel source code for 16 different models of this smartphone. [Android Police]

Other platforms

  • Nokia Lumia 822: Verizon Wireless has released the Portico update for this Windows Phone 8 device. The new software brings improved WiFi and Bluetooth performance, the ability to ignore calls with an SMS reply and allows MP3 files to be used as ringtones. [Nokia]

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