Google Chrome receives minor updates across Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

There you were, using that old and busted version of Google Chrome on your Windows or Linux-based PC, iOS or Android device, when Google decided to hook you up with an update, thus validating your previous assertion about Chrome's old and busted-ness. "Hot dog!" you thought, "The Googleplex wants to give me more free stuff!" But what free stuff will you get? Chrome on iOS is moving to the big two five, adding long-press to the back button for exploring your recent history and a handful of other tweaks; its Android cousin is optimizing scrolling for your super fast fingas fingers. On the full computer side of things, both Windows and Linux are getting 25.0.1364.152, which adds the less thrilling "security and stability improvements along with a number of bug fixes." Now that you've got that new hotness, you're feeling pretty good, right? The future! We're in it!