Intel launches Atom CE5300-based storage platform with multiple streams, smart scaling

There's been more than a few Atom-based storage servers. Most of them either have to lean on the same Atom processors you'd usually get with nettops, though, which makes them less than ideal for media tasks than a chip dedicated to the job. Intel has just launched a new platform that might be a better fit for home network storage. New NAS arrays from Asustor, Synology, Thecus and others (none yet pictured here) all revolve around a dual-core Atom CE5300 system-on-chip that's better-optimized for media processing duties: it can stream video across the network to multiple devices at once, and can automatically downscale video to accommodate smaller screens. The small chip contributes to a relatively small price at the same time, with NAS boxes starting around $299. Not everyone can suddenly justify a dedicated media server in the home just because the CE5300 is an option, but those that do may at least get more for their money.

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Intel Launches System-on-Chip Storage Solution Designed for Simple Video Transcoding and Streaming

New Storage Solutions Based on the Intel® Atom™ Media Processor CE5300 Series Simplifies HD Content Sharing and Delivery Between Mobile Devices and Smart TVs


* The new storage solutions based on the Intel® Atom™ processor CE5300 series allow consumers to simultaneously share HD video and multimedia among different mobile devices and stream content to a SmartTV.
* Features include a dedicated security engine that protects user content when connecting over an open, unsecure network.
* Several OEMs are launching the Intel® Atom™ media processor CE5300 series-based devices, including Asustor*, Synology* and Thecus*.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 4, 2013 – With consumers increasingly sharing and viewing content among different devices, Intel Corporation today introduced storage solutions based on the Intel® Atom™ media processor CE5300 series. The new low power system-on-chip (SoC) enables high definition (HD) video to be simultaneously watched on smartphones, tablets and other smart devices, in real time, while also shared with consumer devices such as a Smart TV.

"Streaming content across numerous mobile devices, not just from the cloud but locally, has become a common practice for today's consumers," said Bev Crair, general manager, of Intel's Storage Division. "New storage solutions based on the Intel Atom CE5300 series elevate this to a whole new level by making it simple to 'browse, click, and play'. The new SoC provides an excellent foundation for creating compelling entertainment experiences."

The powerful, dual-core Intel Atom CE5300 series delivers simple application and I/O support, making it ideal for synchronizing and streaming video content without compromising power for the performance necessary to allow seamless I/O and media transcoding.

Storage solutions based on the Intel Atom CE5300 series allow consumers to easily set up all of their media in one place and avoid capacity limitations of mobile devices. They can use their storage system either as an iTunes* server or DLNA (Digital Network Living Alliance®) media server, and access that content from their mobile device of choice. Users can also simultaneously transcode 1080p video content to a smartphone, tablet, TV, Ultrabook™ or other smart device. The media processor system intelligently adapts to the screen resolution for each of these devices.

For instance, high definition 1080p video can be converted to lower resolution 480p video to play on a smartphone (conserving network bandwidth and battery power) and, at the same time, to 720p video for displaying clearer pictures on a tablet. . Content can also be streamed to a SmartTV or nearby HDMI-based video monitor. All the content on the storage device can also be accessed from outside the home network to allow immediate access.

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Several companies are launching new Intel Atom-based NAS devices at CeBIT, including Asustor, Synology and Thecus with expected pricing to begin at $299.

"We believe the new Intel Atom CE5300 series is an exciting advancement to incorporate into our latest my-Ditto NAS devices," said Jonathan Weizman, chief technology officer at Dane-Elec. "The ability to transcode video 'on the fly' will improve the way users consume their media libraries, and allow viewing content on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles."

In addition to HD video content, solutions using the Intel Atom media processor CE5300 series can also store and share personal multimedia and documents. For example, a user can shoot photos or videos with their tablet or smartphone, sync it with the new Intel Atom-based device, and stream the content to a TV. With support for encryption, the solution is especially convenient for users who want to ensure the security of this data when they connect to an open, unsecured network.

"The integration of the new Intel Atom CE5315 into our award-winning Thecus* NAS offers a new energy-efficient, multimedia powerhouse and performance-driven solution directly for the consumer," said Florence Shih, general manager of Thecus.

"Equipped with the Intel Atom CE5315 that accelerates transcoding and supports HDMI interface, the Synology DiskStation provides users with hassle-free access to their data anywhere, and from any device, making multimedia streaming even more effortless," said Vic Hsu, chief executive officer of Synology Inc.

"The new Asustor AS 3 Series NAS devices with the Intel Atom CE5300 series provide the performance needed for home media file server functionality," said Asustor president, Shawn Shu.

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2 bays up to 8 Terabytes, 4 bays up to 16 Terabytes


2 bays up to 8 Terabytes, 4 bays up to 16 Terabytes


2 bays up to 8 Terabytes