NYT: Samsung Galaxy S IV will tout eye-based scrolling

One of the Galaxy S III's most vaunted features was Smart Stay: when it was active, the smartphone's display would stay awake as long as its owner did. A reported Samsung insider's tip to the New York Times claims the Galaxy S IV will take that intelligent use of the camera one step further with eye-based scrolling. Theoretically, readers will never have to put finger to glass when scrolling downwards; the phone can tell when they're looking at the bottom of the page and move to the next section on its own. The hands-off scrolling is supposedly part of a strategy where the software ultimately matters more than the hardware. Chief product officer Kevin Packingham wouldn't confirm anything for the newspaper when asked, although he didn't feel the hardware will take a back seat. Either way, consider us intrigued -- as long as the software is real, and works in practice. We'll know the full story in several days.