Samsung hires 'secret messenger' Jeremy to guard the S IV until March 14th (update: another new video!)

At least one person knows exactly what the much-hyped Galaxy S IV looks like: Samsung's "secret messenger" Jeremy. In a video posted to Facebook, Samsung plugs its upcoming Unpacked 2013 event where we're sure to see the new flagship, and inspires envy by letting young'un Jeremy have a quick peek. If the end of the clip is anything to go by, he's probably had a quick hands-on with it, too. It's only 10 days until we get a look at it ourselves, but the video does leave us wondering whether it was the S IV in that suitcase in Pulp Fiction all along. Check out the vid for yourself after the break.

Update: Samsung has kicked off the week with yet another video teaser, pointing towards that 'big day' and adding the phone comes in Jeremy's favorite color -- whatever that is.

Update 2: Need another teaser? Of course you do, and the latest one posted by Samsung Tomorrow features a dance troupe in times Square getting the people ready for the big unveiling. If there's anything to gain from this video, it's that the white/black theme some have noticed (Jeremy's tie and the curtains on his windows) is continued in the dancer's outfits and the signs they're holding. A hint at his "favorite color" or just a sign we've been poring over these rumors for too long? You decide, the video is after the break.