Toyota i-Road EV concept leans like a motorcycle, won't soak you or your wallet

Toyota iRoad EV concept leans like a motorcycle, minus the fuel bills and rain

Automakers love to trot out urban-only EV cars, if sometimes only in their dreams, but there's invariably gotchas: think disproportionately large turning circles and a lack of basic protection from the elements. Toyota's new i-Road concept may not be destined for production, but it at least pays more than lip service to real life. The two-seat, three-wheel prototype turns with a motorcycle-style lean, cutting its turn radius to a very city-friendly 9.8 feet. It also has a fully sealed cabin, which allows for such radical features as heating and speakers. We don't see many Model S owners having second thoughts when the i-Road runs out of energy in just 31 miles, but that's not the point. It's more of an alternative to bikes, compact EVs and scooters that doesn't demand frequent fuel pump visits... or a good raincoat.