Facebook reportedly launching new 'content-specific' news feeds

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Richard Lawler
March 5, 2013 9:42 PM
Facebook reportedly launching new 'content-specific' news feeds

We've already had one major Facebook press event this year for the launch of Open Graph personalized search features but according to TechCrunch, another one later this week will herald the arrival of a revamped news feed. The new main page will filter content by type to pull out photos, music, with larger images overall and larger images for advertisements. The mockup shown above is based on information distilled from various sources that indicates the social network's plan is to put currently buried feeds like Pages users have liked in a more central and easier to access area, along with information pulled in by the ever expanding number of services linked to one's Facebook ID. What isn't confirmed however, according to the TechCrunch rumor are revamp views for the mobile apps, despite the company's stated plan to go "mobile best" in 2013. Hit the source link for more details on how your mother will be keeping tabs on you in the near future.

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