Breakfast Topic: Would you be caught dead looking like this?

Breakfast Topic Would you be caught dead looking like this

Would you be caught dead in this outfit? Apparently, the answer is emphatically a yes for Rubedo of Draenor (US). With his rather flavorful mog, Rubedo seems willing not only to be caught dead but also to be caught in public and caught with his pants down. "That's uh, quite an outfit," remarked an admiring Community Manager Daxxarri about Rubedo's flamboyant outfit. "The socks with sandals are a nice touch."

Personally, I love Rubedo's game sense of humor, but not everyone can pull off such a look. Check out this Darkmoon Faire-esque look on Mathryn of Wyrmrest Accord. There's nothing overtly goofy about it, but I'm afraid my main would feel foolish questing and doing business in town looking like a carnie. I'd wear it in a heartbeat on the right alt, but wearing something this offbeat on a full-time basis feels awkward to me.

How far are you willing to take your daily mog? Do you want an look that lends your character dignity or deepens your immersion, or are you more interested in poking a bit of fun at the whole thing? How silly do things have to get before you start feeling a little ridiculous?