Chicago court rules Google not responsible for unflattering search results

Everyone googles themselves at some point -- even the people who say they don't. But if you don't like what you see when that search box offers possible queries linked to your name, don't go suing Google. The search giant is officially not to blame. That's the official ruling handed down by the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago today which found Google not at fault for a search result linking Wisconsin resident Beverly Stayart's name to ads for Levitra (a male erectile dysfunction drug). According to Reuters, presiding Judge Ann Claire Williams deemed the search result an exception to the state's misappropriation laws due to its incidental nature (Stayart is a poet and animal rights advocate). The case marks the second courtroom loss for Stayart who had originally leveled the same charges against Yahoo. Unfortunately for Stayart, the buzz from news like this will only help promote the "scandalous" search results she so badly wants erased.