GlassUp wearable display hands-on (video)

GlassUp is a wearable computing project that turns a pair of glasses into a head-mounted secondary display for your smartphone. A projector beams images onto a glass panel baked into the right-side lens, theoretically letting you read texts, tweets and emails on the go. We got to try a very early prototype here at CeBIT, which pushed microfilm slides onto the yellow-and-black, 320 x 240 display. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see anything too clearly, or get its touch controls to work properly, so while we like the concept, we're not sure if we're sold on the implementation just yet.

The company is planning to release two versions, one with Bluetooth 4.0 and one with Bluetooth 3.1 to ensure a wide range of compatibility with Android and iOS devices, and GlassUp is aiming to have finished versions ready for the Augmented World Expo in June. At the same time, it'll take to Kickstarter to generate the funds necessary for a pre-sale, priced at $399 / €299, so if you'd like to see if you should start saving, check out the video after the break.%Gallery-180759%

Dana Wollman contributed to this report