Google+ updates profile pages with larger photos, 'card' layout and Local review tab

Google updates profile pages with larger photos, easier editing and dedicated tab for Local review

The social masses have spoken and Google's listened. Starting today, the search giant's beefing up Google+ profile pages with additional features based on overwhelming feedback to give users more editing control, a flashier presentation and a clearer social outpost. Now, individual profile "cover photos" will display at up to 2,120px by 1,192px and rollout into full widescreen (16:9) view when selected. The 'About' section is also seeing a minor revamp, getting a Now-like makeover that breaks down categorical user info into cards for easier modification. And to service the critic deep within us all, Google's adding in a 'Local review' tab alongside those for photos, videos and +1's so your network of friends can make trusted dinner reservations. These changes are set to take effect "gradually," so don't waste your time mashing that refresh button. Or do, if you're the impatient type.