Nexus 7 dock reaches the Google Play Store: also, unicorns are real (update: regions)

The official Nexus 7 dock has been one of the more elusive beasts in the accessory world, especially for anyone who wanted it from an official source. Google just brought that months-long pursuit to a close -- the dock is now sitting in the Google Play Store. So long as you have $30 to spend and can endure up to one or two weeks of waiting, you too can give your Nexus 7 an ASUS-designed home with both micro-USB and audio line out. Just don't try to overcompensate by buying docks en masse; Google caps the order limit at two.

Update: If you're wondering just where the dock is available, worry not. Google has just confirmed that the dock is selling in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US.