Nokia's #2InstaWithLove Windows Phone 8 app mocks Instagram while pleading for its presence

Nokia's throwing shade the best way it can. Its latest Windows Phone 8 app, #2InstaWithLove, is a demented valentine of sorts. It's Nokia's backhanded loveslap to Instagram; the app equivalent of a beautifully wrapped box with an impaled pig's heart inside. Created in response to the lack of Instagram's presence in the Windows Store, Nokia's offering Lumia owners a photo filtering application of its own, one that'll let "you have your voice heard," presumably, in an attempt to hasten the app's arrival on Microsoft's platform. But rather than outright ape Instagram's popular filtered options, Nokia's app offers just one filter: a "classic Polaroid" look emblazoned with the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. There's really no need to read between the lines, because as social media middle fingers go, this one's incredibly transparent. Your move, Instagram.