Apple's suppliers hit 99% work-hour compliance

Like virtually every other hardware manufacturer on the planet, Apple uses factories and workers in China to manufacture its hardware products. However given that China's worker rights and safety requirements are often less than they are in other developed nations, the public eye has turned towards the big tech companies to make sure that their suppliers' employees are being treated fairly and ethically. With that in mind, Apple has published a Supplier Work-Hour Compliance report since January 2012, which tracks more than 1 million supplier employees to ensure they are not working over 60 hours a week on average.

This week Apple updated the report and said that its suppliers hit a new high last January, with 99 percent of workers falling within the 60 hours or less work week for the month. The 99 percent rate comes off a low of an 87 percent compliance rate in September and November 2012. During those months, manufacturing ramped up to support the iPhone 5 and the holiday shopping season, respectively.