ASUS Transformer Book shows sudden sign of life: 13-inch Core i5 model coming to Japan this week

The Transformer Book's entry into the world has been hampered by a couple of things: high pre-order prices for the Core i7 version, plus a degree of forgetfulness with respect to actually coming to market. News out of Japan hints at both of those hold-ups being overcome, however, with a cheaper Core i5 version officially due to arrive this week with a 119,800 price tag (that's $1,280 in a currency conversion, though a US price would very likely be less.) The Windows 8 hybrid will be known as the "TransBook" in the streets and alleys of Tokyo and will include a 1080p 13.3-inch touchscreen display, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and microSD expansion all housed in the 950 gram tablet. Hooking up to the keyboard dock will double that weight but provide an additional 500GB HDD, a full-sized SD card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, more video-out options and an extra hour of battery life (six hours instead of five). The Core i7 version will also be available in Japan by the end of March for around $350 extra, with similar basic credentials and the addition of MS Office. Assuming the Transformer Book ever moseys on over to our manor, we'll be sure to submit it to a review. In the meantime, you'll find full specs in the machine-translated PR after the break.%Gallery-156823%

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Japanese PR translated by Google:

We have announced that it will be released in Japan for mobile laptop "ASUS TransBook TX300CA" detachable high specification that can be used in your favorite style. I launched sequentially from Saturday, March 09, 2013.

With a high responsiveness and exceptional processing power, it is a 13.3-inch detachable mobile laptops that use according to the scene, you can combine and separate the LCD screen and keyboard.
When you remove the LCD screen, you can use as a full HD multi-touch tablet high-spec of about 950g 4mm thinnest part, lightness.
CPU is "Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-3537U processor" (TX300CA-C4021HS)
Or "Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3317U processor" (TX300CA-C4006H)
With, the performance of the business sufficient as the main machine. The tablet is equipped with a 128GB SSD OS, the keyboard dock 500GB HDD
It is equipped with, I realize both high-speed processing and large data storage capacity. Nate Illuminating glass keyboard easy to type "Fit Glass" strong enhancement of Corning, audio system "ASUS SonicMaster" high quality, even in the dark to the wound,
"Touch mode" is equipped with "Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013"
It is packed with features that high-spec performance, such as high mobility (TX300CA-C4021HS), in every scene.

□ ● Product Name Product announcement: ASUS TransBook TX300CA

● · TX300CA-C4021HS / Price Release Date (Core model with (TM) i7/Office 2013):
Price since late March 2013 / Open (expected street price: £ 154,800)
· TX300CA-C4006H (Core model with (TM) i5):
March 09, 2013 Price / Open (Sat) (actual sale price forecast: £ 119,800)

● Main specifications: (For detailed specifications, please refer to the attached PDF file)
· Part Number:
TX300CA-C4021HS (Core model with (TM) i7/Office 2013)
TX300CA-C4006H (Core model with (TM) i5)
Body color: Silver · OS: Windows 8 64-bit · CPU:
Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-3537U processor (TX300CA-C4021HS)
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3317U processor (TX300CA-C4006H)
Display: LCD
Wide color TFT LCD 13.3-inch IPS touch screen (supports multi-point touch LED backlight / 10)
Specifications: Surface glare display resolution ·: 1,920 × 1,080 dots (full HD)
· Storage:
Tablet: 128GB (SSD)
Keyboard Dock: 500GB (HDD)
· LAN Wireless: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Function and Bluetooth: Bluetooth (R) 4.0
- External display output:
Tablet: microHDMI × 1 output (type D)
Keyboard Dock: Mini DisplayPort × 1
Tablet: microSD memory card (supports microSDXC memory card)
Keyboard Dock:
USB 3.0 × 2, SD memory card (supports SDXC Memory Card)
· ※ 1 Battery life:
About 6.1 hours (tablet + keyboard dock)
About 5.5 hours (Tablet)
About 5.9 hours (tablet + keyboard dock)
About 4.9 hours (Tablet)
Body size:
4 ~ 11mm height 213mm × depth 340mm × width: Tablet
3 ~ 12.9mm height width 340mm × 219mm × depth: Keyboard Dock
· Mass:
Tablet: 950g approximately
Keyboard Dock: 950g approximately
Business integration apps: Office Home and Business 2013 (TX300CA-C4021HS)
· Main accessories: AC adapter, product documentation, product warranty, exclusive sleeve

● lightly-main features, thin, lightweight body thin sturdy aluminum alloy which has been subjected to processing hairline 950g about 4mm thinnest part, the light, the LCD screen that can be separated from the keyboard dock rugged, high-spec that can be carried easily I will be the tablet. Adopted full HD · IPS LCD high-definition 13.3-inch multi-touch enabled 10 points, boasts a high brightness of 350cd/m2 and a wide viewing angle of 178 ° horizontally and vertically. On the surface of the touch panel and boasts a 9H hardness comparable to sapphire,
Adopted the glass "Fit Glass" strengthening of scratch resistant Corning, dirt is easy to wipe further coating is applied.

• Even slim, overwhelmingly powerful CPU is "Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-3537U processor" (TX300CA-C4021HS)
And, "Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3317U processor" (TX300CA-C4006H)
About the performance of the two lineup, I can not even imagine from a slim body. The high-speed processing OS Tablet 128GB SSD is installed is enabled, the keyboard dock 500GB that can store large amounts of data sufficiently
You can be equipped with the HDD, selectively used according to the scene.

• The speakers and audio system "ASUS SonicMaster" innovative co-developed by world-famous Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and (R) technology spec audio and extensive high-quality sounds, built into both the keyboard dock and tablet , I will provide a high-quality sound as close as possible to the original sound.
Nate keyboard illuminator that can automatically adjust the brightness easy to type in the dark,
Connect or disconnect the power cable has been attention to detail such as the touch pad of the same ratio as the screen, operability magnet power jack, a simple three-point multi-touch enabled.
Pre-installed (TX300CA-C4021HS) the "Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013" the latest work of every day will be more comfortable in collaboration cloud "Touch mode new".

● "ASUS Call Center" Contact from customers
(Toll free) TEL :0800-123-2787
If you can not use the toll-free phone number
(Toll paid by the customer) TEL :047-390-5630
Hours: 18:09 am - Monday to Friday 17:00 - 9:00 Saturday and Sunday (holidays, New Year, Obon holiday will be closed)
ASUS Web site:

● contact us from our Journalists
aplan Japan, Inc. (Apuran Japan)
(Ariyoshijun) Ariyoshi order: ASUS LCD PC spokesman in charge /
TEL :03-6277-3533 / FAX :03-6277-3195
: E-mail for publicity

◎ (such as high-resolution product photos and specifications table) release documentation on LCD PC / of ASUS, can be downloaded from. "Asuspr" ID is "press" the password.

● About ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
※ 2 laptops including the world's second largest consumer market in shipments of motherboards and # 1 world, ASUSTeK Computer Inc., In high-performance parts for personal computers do, such as video cards, such as the development and sale of digital internet device It is a comprehensive manufacturer of electronics you are. Development department that has earned a worldwide reputation, has rolled out a variety of technologies every year.
Products in various fields, including the (TM), will be highly appreciated and functional aspects of design, in 2011 was awarded the prize of 3,886 ASUS ZENBOOK. In addition, until December 2012 for eight consecutive years in Japan, the share of the motherboard ※ 3, Ultrabook place 1 (TM)
I have achieved the # 1 ※ 3 share.

※ 1 battery operating time is a measurement method based had with JEITA battery operating time (Ver1.0). Also vary, depending on usage and settings.
※ 2 U.S. research firm IDC examined.
※ BCN Co. 3 in "BCN AWARD" has announced POS based on national data.

◇ Product photo attached keyboard, but has become the English version, the product to be released for the Japanese market is the Japanese keyboard.

Original PR:



ASUSTeK Computer Inc.(略称ASUS)は、タッチパネルを搭載し、
「ASUS TransBook TX300CA」を日本向けに発売することを発表しました。

CPUは「インテル(R) Core(TM) i7-3537U プロセッサー」(TX300CA-C4021HS)
または「インテル(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U プロセッサー」(TX300CA-C4006H)
す。タブレットにはOSを搭載した128GB SSD、キーボードドックには500GB HDD
いコーニング社の強化ガラス「Fit Glass」、高品位なオーディオシステム
「ASUS SonicMaster」、暗い場所でも入力しやすいイルミネートキーボード、
「タッチモード」が搭載された「Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013」

●製品名: ASUS TransBook TX300CA

・TX300CA-C4021HS(Core(TM) i7/Office 2013搭載モデル):
2013年3月下旬以降/オープン価格(予想実売価格: 154,800円)
・TX300CA-C4006H(Core(TM) i5搭載モデル):
2013年3月9日(土)/オープン価格(予想実売価格: 119,800円)

TX300CA-C4021HS(Core(TM) i7/Office 2013搭載モデル)
TX300CA-C4006H(Core(TM) i5搭載モデル)
・本体カラー: シルバー
・OS: Windows 8 64ビット
インテル(R) Core(TM) i7-3537U プロセッサー(TX300CA-C4021HS)
インテル(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U プロセッサー(TX300CA-C4006H)
・表面仕様: グレア
・表示解像度: 1,920×1,080ドット (フルHD)
タブレット: 128GB(SSD)
キーボードドック: 500GB(HDD)
・無線LAN: IEEE802.11b/g/n
・Bluetooth機能: Bluetooth(R) 4.0
タブレット: microHDMI (タイプD) 出力×1
キーボードドック: Mini DisplayPort×1
タブレット: microSDメモリーカード(microSDXCメモリーカード対応)
USB 3.0×2、SDメモリーカード(SDXCメモリーカード対応)
・バッテリー駆動時間 ※1:
タブレット: 幅340mm×奥行き213mm×高さ4~11mm
キーボードドック: 幅340mm×奥行き219mm×高さ3~12.9mm
タブレット: 約950g
キーボードドック: 約950g
・ビジネス統合アプリ: Office Home and Business 2013(TX300CA-C4021HS)
・主な付属品: ACアダプター、製品マニュアル、製品保証書、専用スリーブ

傷に強いコーニング社の強化ガラス「Fit Glass」を採用し、さらに汚れが拭

CPUは「インテル(R) Core(TM) i7-3537U プロセッサー」(TX300CA-C4021HS)
と、「インテル(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U プロセッサー」(TX300CA-C4006H)の
な128GB SSD、キーボードドックには大容量のデータを十分に保存できる500GB

オーディオ技術で世界的に有名なBang & Olufsen ICEpower(R)と共同開発し
た革新的なオーディオシステム「ASUS SonicMaster」と、タブレットとキー
最新の「Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013」をプリインストール

受付時間:月曜日~金曜日 9時~18時、土曜日・日曜日9時~17時
ASUS Webサイト:

aplan Japan, Inc.(アプラン・ジャパン)

写真やスペック表等)は、 からダウンロード

●ASUSTeK Computer Inc.について
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.は、世界第1位のマザーボードとコンシューマー市場で
出荷台数世界第2位 ※2のノートパソコンをはじめ、ビデオカードなどのパソ
ASUS ZENBOOK(TM)をはじめとする様々な分野の製品において、デザイン性や機

※1 バッテリー駆動時間は、JEITAバッテリ動作時間測定法 (Ver1.0) に基付
※2 米調査会社IDC調べ。
※3 株式会社BCNが全国のPOSデータを元に発表している「BCN AWARD」において。

◇ 添付の製品写真のキーボードが英語版となっておりますが、日本市場向け