Box Windows Phone, Windows 8 apps get new features, including file previews and more

Box has done a pretty decent job at bringing novel features to its apps on the various platforms they are present in, and today it's turn for a couple of Microsoft's properties to get some fresh tidbits from the cloud storage service. For starters, both of Box's Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications will now have the ability to see easily preview files (Box says more than 75 types) -- a feature that's been available on Android since late last year, and one that'll surely come in handy to Redmond's user base. Additionally, Box also announced a few platform-specific goodies, with the Windows 8 app seeing the addition of a new navigation bar for quick access to docs, while the Windows Phone equivalent nabbed a revamped wide cycle tile which allows for updates to be viewed via its own Live Tile (so long as it's the largest size). These changes are live now, so check' em out and give 'em a whirl the next time you open your Box app.