'Don't believe the ArcheAge hype,' lengthy fan review warns

ArcheAge human city

Hyped about ArcheAge? We are too, but as with any MMO, great expectations can lead to great disappointments. That's why we're linking to another fan review of the game's Korean client. While the previous such post was largely high on the game from a dedicated player perspective, this piece at AltTabMe raises more than a few concerns involving AA's combat, sandboxiness, character creation, and more.

While most of the combat complaints can be summarized by the subjectively nebulous it-doesn't-feel-as-polished-as-game-XYZ argument, the sandbox and economic concerns are a bit more concrete. "And like the pirate system that has no reward for serious consequences, the economy has the opposite, high reward with no consequences, except to those who also play the game," the author writes. "Without money sinks and a way to balance out the economy, ArcheAge is heading toward a flatline when it comes to worth."

He also alludes to the possibility that the game's extensive housing and farming systems will be lost in translation from the social gaming culture in Korea to the isolationist achiever mentality prevalent in the West. "When you apply these [housing items] to the real world/game practice you see player-run towns that don't look like towns, but rather more like FarmVille: a homestead of the same resources in bulk, such as goats (which are the most profitable resource) filling every single bit of available space. So you go from being aesthetically pleasing to a resource farm," the writer explains. "The magic of a home and town is lost to min-maxing personal gain. ArcheAge turns into Men Who Stare at Goats."

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