Samsung Electronics exec blames Windows 8 for the decline of the PC

Jun Dong-soo isn't mincing his words. The Samsung Electronics head of memory chip business has a strong distaste for Microsoft's nascent Windows 8 OS, a viewpoint he made clear to reporters in Seoul, South Korea today. Addressing market research that indicates global PC shipments are on the decline, Dong-soo told reporters that the market segment has failed to see a boost from Windows 8 as it's "no better than the previous Windows Vista platform." Dong-soo even went on to link the poor attach rate for ultrabooks to Microsoft's "less competitive Windows platform." Unsurprisingly, this had led the Samsung exec to shift his division's focus from the fabrication of "conventional" memory chips to the more profitable and booming mobile chip segment. A move no doubt bolstered by the continued prominence of Samsung's Galaxy portfolio (e.g., Note II, GS III and upcoming GS IV). You have to hand it to Dong-soo, no one can accuse him of dealing in executive doublespeak.