Visualized: Sonos' speaker-building, light-showing, neon-couching SXSW house

House parties are really the rule, not the exception here at SXSW -- it's an outgrowth of the show's Austin roots. But Sonos has gone a ways toward providing a unique experience for visitors to its Studios space. For one thing, there's a room with a custom-built light show that utilizes a Sonos soundbar, several projectors and a Kinect camera, generating a dynamic light show based on the music and user movement.

Even cooler is the speaker-building workshop created in partnership with Moog, which features boxes and Sonos Play:3 components. Also on-site is a neon living room designed for an add with rodent-headed DJ, DeadMau5 and a museum of cool analog instruments (as Mike Love will happily tell you, playing a theremin is a lot harder than it looks). And since this is SXSW, after all, there's a beer fountain and a stage featuring the likes of Surfer Blood and Thurston Moore.%Gallery-181296%