SoundCloud streamlines Pro plans, intros a Pro Partner tier for top streamers

There's been concerns that SoundCloud is shifting its attention too quickly toward listeners at the expense of the creators that gave the site its roots. While we can't say that the audio hub is addressing every concern, it's is determined to keep creatives involved with a much simpler Pro strategy. Instead of offering four paid plans based on storage, SoundCloud is scaling back to two: a basic Pro account hosts four hours of sound for either €3 ($4) per month or €29 ($38) per year, while stepping up to €9 ($12) per month or €99 ($129) per year takes the caps off with unlimited hosting. Quite the bargain when unlimited access previously cost €59 ($77) monthly and €500 ($650) yearly, we'd say. If SoundCloud really, truly values your work, it can also invite you to a Pro Partner level that allows custom branding and a "Moving Sound" image slideshow that syncs up with tunes. Just 10 companies have access to this upper echelon, but everyone else can spring for the more down-to-Earth Pro tiers today -- and with the new discounts, that's not a far-fetched possibility.