Deezer App Studio goes mobile, brings apps to Android and iOS listeners

As much as we like extending our music universe through apps within the likes of Deezer and Spotify, that wider experience hasn't usually carried over to mobile. Deezer, at least, thinks it can put those apps inside our pockets. App Studio now supports building add-ons for both Android and iOS devices, giving travelers music and social components beyond what Deezer can provide on its own. The company isn't relying just on phones and tablets to pad its customer base, though. It's also improving the behind-the-scenes framework to bolster gaming through its API, and an affiliate program will pay social app creators every time one of their users subscribes to Deezer. Us listeners will just have to wait for developers to implement App Studio and the API changes before we reap any potential rewards.

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Deezer unveils its developer reward scheme, powerful API upgrades and a series of new apps

Leading music streaming service Deezer is to launch a series of sweeping updates to its platform to give developers the opportunity to build products around music globally and open up new revenue streams from their products.

Deezer's Affiliate Programme

Deezer is to launch an affiliate programme for developers using its Open API. This will enable developers building music into their social apps with the API to be financially rewarded for every person they refer to Deezer who goes on to subscribe. Every time a person subscribes to Deezer after discovering the service through an app, the developer will receive a payment equivalent to a month's Deezer subscription.

The programme has been created not only to encourage more sign-ups to Deezer, but also to generate a more interactive and fluid experience, where fans enjoying a music or gaming app can find themselves discovering Deezer's 20 million song catalogue in just a few clicks.

Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez said:

"Music streaming isn't about giving people access to soulless databases of songs – we want to build an immersive and entertaining experience that gets people hooked on Deezer. Our affiliate scheme and API improvements will help developers seamlessly bring music into their greatest apps. We can't wait to see what they'll build."

Deeper API Integrations to enable global reach

Deezer is announcing a series of changes to its API, all of which allow deeper integrations between social apps and the music service. Activity within Deezer apps will now appear in Deezer's social bar, giving apps greater visibility, helping them spread faster through friends and creating a more engaging experience for those using them. Additional API features have been added to enable and encourage the development of gaming experiences built around music.

To demonstrate the potential of the updated APIs, Deezer is to launch Askking Music, an app which combines gaming with music discovery. People using Askking Music can challenge their Deezer contacts and Facebook friends to identify tracks from shared favourites and playlists.

Additional apps coming soon to the platform include:

Moosify – dating through a shared love for music
Seevl – new tools for music discovery

These apps are available globally, showcasing the ability of Deezer's Open API to support international app development and revenue generation for developers. Askking Music is available in 9 languages and 183 countries. Local Deezer editorial teams will tailor the music available to local tastes.

Deezer's Platform Partnerships manager Axel Calandre said:

"Developers and the amazing apps they build are incredibly important to Deezer and make the platform a richer experience. We're giving developers a set of tools to reach new audiences anywhere in the world, make money, and create incredible experiences across any device."

Enabling app discovery on mobile – Deezer's mobile App Studio

Following last year's creation of the App Studio, Deezer is now announcing the launch of its App Studio for mobile and tablets. This will enable people to discover music and social apps on any Android and iOS device, creating even more opportunities for fans to enjoy and experience Deezer.

Thanks to this next step, developers will be able to build responsive apps using Deezer APIs that work on Deezer mobile, tablet and web apps.

These changes are all being supported by the upcoming relaunch of Deezer's developer website - - which will be undergoing major upgrades. New resources and guidance will be provided to help developers get the most out of Deezer's new and improved APIs, while a series of updated SDKs will also be made available.

In the last six months alone, Deezer has seen 35 apps added to its platform. Deezer's push to introduce more apps to the platform continues next month with a Music Hack Day at their Paris HQ and API partner support for The Next Web's forthcoming Hack Battle event.