Poll: Engadget Expand asks: What should robots be helping us with?

We're just a few days away from Expand, and all of us are insanely excited about the agenda we have lined up. To get you pumped for our Sunday morning session with Chris Anderson (CEO, 3D Robotics and former editor-in-chief, Wired), Steve Cousins (CEO, Willow Garage) and Marc Raibert (President & Chief Robot Lover, Boston Dynamics) we have a little thought experiment for you.

Read on to take our short and sweet robotics poll...

Robots are nothing more than useful, intelligent machines that can serve humanity with any number of pedestrian tasks in order to make our lives easier and more fulfilling. And we would absolutely say this even without the photon blasters they've positioned a mere inches from our vulnerable skulls as we write.

That said, in the years ahead, robots may evolve from sucking up what's on our floors to sucking up to our bosses and teachers. For now, Engadget Expand will be open only to humans, and so we put this question to you: How would you like to use robots in your life? Answer the poll and share your thoughts below.