Ridley Scott to co-produce sci-fi short films for Machinima

While Machinima has spread its wings beyond its namesake game engine-based movies, the company has only occasionally broken out of its familiar video game template. Those horizons are about to get wider through a collaboration with Ridley Scott's production house, RSA. Scott and RSA president Jules Daly will serve as executive producers for a project generating 12 short sci-fi films for Machinima's channels, with the directors culled from among RSA's superstar ranks. In theory, it's a win-win scenario: Machinima gets professionally-made movies to diversify its library, while directors can explore ideas that wouldn't necessarily be approved for a full-length feature. There's a hope for District 9-style regular movies co-developed with Machinima if all goes well, but we'd advise patience when the partnership hasn't even chosen its directors. It will take some time before we're catching a sci-fi mini-drama from the comfort of our living rooms.

[Image credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr]