HTC One Developer Edition announced, $649 with SIM and bootloader unlocked

HTC is getting into the Developer Edition trend -- a compromise necessary since CEO Peter Chou's plan to stop locking bootloaders entirely didn't stick -- as it's announced tonight that a variant of its new One that will be available with both SIM and bootloader unlocked. Due to arrive in the US at the same time as the standard carrier versions, it will keep the same powerful specs and slick design (no, the case is not transparent) we loved in our review, but without the restrictions. One thing it's missing? AWS HSPA/WCDMA access, which should limit its opportunities on T-Mobile until it rolls out LTE service. The price is $649 up front and it will ship in "limited quantities," so we'd figure that's just one more thing to keep in mind before the next Galaxy S is announced on Thursday.