Twitter Music iOS app reportedly launches this month, SoundCloud music discovery for the masses

If you've been wondering why the We Are Hunted music discovery service has gone a little quiet of late, CNET thinks it has things figured out. According to typically-unnamed sources, Hunted has been gobbled up by Twitter and has been working on building an iOS app to launch before the end of the month. According to CNET's report, the app would make music suggestions based on what you're currently listening to and, yes, what music accounts you follow on Twitter. The app itself supposedly won't wade into the particularly murky waters of music streaming, but will instead piggy-back on SoundCloud for the heavy lifting. Current listens will be pushed out to Twitter and, if you were having doubts about this, many We Are Hunted employee Twitter accounts have been showing a conspicuous number of #NowPlaying-tagged tweets -- with links to SoundCloud tracks. We've reached out to Twitter for comment and will update here should we hear anything back.