Babbel brings 11 language learning apps to Windows Phone 8, for free

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.14.13

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Yours truly has had some pretty positive experiences with Babbel's existing product line, with the latest being a subscription-based alternative for iPad that makes it a lot more affordable to learn the basics of 11 different tongues. After launching last October on Windows 8, the outfit is showing Microsoft's other major OS a bit of love today. Babbel is bringing its 11 language learning programs to Windows Phone 8, with the apps scheduled to hit the 'Education' segment of the Windows Phone Store any moment now. For those who've yet to give it a whirl, Babbel uses a mix of repetition, visual cues, spelling exercises and voice recognition, and it does a pretty stellar job of segmenting things into digestible lessons for those who only have five or ten minutes at a time to spare.

The apps themselves are free to download, with a company spokesperson explaining to us that the WP8 builds "are mainly vocabulary trainers with 3,000 words broken down into themed lessons." Ideally, the phone apps would supplement a user's learning on their main platform (iPad or desktop). So, at $0.00, your last remaining excuse to not understand what the locals are chatting about in Moorea has been obliterated. Vous êtes les bienvenus.

Babbel brings 11 language learning apps to Windows Phone 8, for free

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