LG trolls Samsung's Times Square billboards with Optimus G '4' ads

The press is headed to Radio City Music Hall for Samsung's Galaxy S IV event in a few hours, but the company has also taken up consumer-focused presence in Times Square -- where rival LG is waiting. As shown in the pic, LG has refashioned its billboards (which it already occupied for 20 years before the new neighbor moved in below last year) to mock Samsung's "4" themed advertising, touting that the Optimus G is "here 4 you now", among other messages. They'd probably have a better chance of grabbing our attention if the upgraded Optimus G Pro were here 4 us instead, but that's not an option yet. Still, we have to appreciate a prank pulled off well enough that it even scores some screen time in a Samsung promo video (at :49 and 2:04) embedded after the break.