Out today: Super Stickman Golf 2, The Croods by Rovio, Danger Boat and more

The biggest (and best) iOS release today is probably Ridiculous Fishing, but there were quite a few really good games hitting the App Store this week. First up, Super Stickman Golf has earned itself a sequel called Super Stickman Golf 2, and it features the excellent 2D golf game that made the first game so great and then some: More courses, more powerups, more achievements, new customizable characters and a new race-based multiplayer mode. Super Stickman Golf is excellent, and the sequel is even better, available now for US$0.99.

Rovio's The Croods is now available, and sure enough, it's a freemium Farmville-style game featuring the characters from the upcoming movie. It'll be very interesting to see how this one does as compared to the studio's other big franchise, a little game you may not have heard of called Angry Birds.

I was a huge fan of Pixelocity's great Disc Drivin' multiplayer turn-based racing game, and the studio has now released a new title called Danger Boat. It's not too closely related to Disc Drivin' (it's more like "Temple Run in a Boat," I'd say), except that it's very well-polished and a whole lot of fun. Both this and The Croods are completely free.

And finally, I haven't heard much about Stargate: SG-1 Unleashed, but it's apparently an episodic adventure game featuring the characters and settings of the famous sci-fi franchise. It's a little pricey, at $4.99, but it looks pretty solid, and if you're a Stargate fan you've probably already gone to check it out. Some very excellent releases on the App Store this week -- we iOS gamers continue to be really lucky.