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Redbox Instant exits private beta and launches to the public

Redbox Instant, the video-streaming service from Verizon, is launching to the public today. This launch follows a three-month closed beta test, and it comes about a month after the company's announcement that the service would come to the Xbox 360 as a console launch exclusive. To jog your memory, Redbox Instant offers users unlimited access to some 4,000 movies in addition to four DVD rentals at $8 a month. Content partners include heavyweights like Warner Bros and Epix , the latter of which offers content from Viacom, MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Speaking to GigaOM, Redbox Instant CEO Shawn Strickland said his product's focus remains movies -- both physical and digital -- which differs from Netflix's TV-heavy library and emphasis on web content. Strickland also said that, while talk of any exclusive content is "really premature," it could be an option down the road. In addition to offering Xbox 360 support, the service is open to iOS and Android users, along with those who own a Vizio, LG, Samsung or Google TV product.