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Samsung demos Smart Scroll, Smart Pause and Air Gesture on Galaxy S 4

Along with several other new software features demoed at its event in New York today, Samsung showed off a Smart Scroll utility, which lets you page up or down by tilting the Galaxy S 4 in the corresponding direction. The company also demoed Air Gesture, which similarly lets you scroll without putting your fingers to the glass. Finally, a feature called Smart Pause will detect your eye movements to intelligently stop video when your gaze turns away from the screen.

With dramatics fitting of the Radio City Music Hall venue, Sammy gave us a quick look at all these features in action: at a bachelorette party, where Air Gesture lets partiers look at messages without putting down those champagne flutes; on the street, where a woman can check out that guitarist on the corner without missing a second of the latest Engadget Show and -- well, Smart Scroll is straightforward enough to speak for itself. Read more about the Galaxy S 4's software and hardware in our hands-on preview. %Gallery-182898%

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