Volkswagen shows production E-Up! with 93-mile range and AC/DC charging

Remember the Volkswagen's E-Up! concept from 2009? The company just announced that it plans to launch a production version of the tiny EV at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. It's been tweaked a little since we last saw it, with proper seating for four (vs. 3+1 on the concept), a revised snout and updated wheels. Under the hood you'll find an 18.7kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 60kW electric motor which provide a range of 150km (93 miles) with a respectable top speed of 84mph and a leisurely 0-62mph time of 14 seconds. The car supports quick-charging to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes via DC but also handles traditional AC circuits thanks to a Combined Charging System. The E-Up! will join the existing Up! and Eco-Up! (natural gas) models in Volkswagen's lineup, but it's unclear if the company plans to bring the EV to the US. Hit the source link below for the full PR and some additional photos.