Lenovo's war-torn ThinkPad Terminator edition hands-on: it's not for sale... yet

During my discussions with Lenovo's team about the research involved in reshaping the ThinkPad line, they clued me in on the beast you see above. That, friends, is cutely referred to as the ThinkPad Terminator edition within Lenovo's walls, and it's essentially a prototype T431s that's stripped of its retail garb. The lid's paint is torn back in order to expose the edges that enable wireless radio transmissions to be sent and received, while the bottom has been left in its rawest form. Think of this as the space shuttle before its paint job, or Mr. Schwarzenegger before his green room appearance.

The goal here was to showcase the underlying rigidity of the machine, without the retail coat of paint covering up the magic within. Obviously, Lenovo has no immediate plans to actually ship this thing, but I can assure you I'm begging the team to reconsider. Looking to join the cause? Go ahead and give 'em an idea of the premium you'd pay in comments if these were released in limited quantities. Or, just enjoy the gallery below.

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