New Swype beta touts additional Advanced Language Models, Smart Editor enhancements

Swype's been doing pretty well at keeping the early-adopting folk equipped with the latest and greatest it has to offer in the swiping-instead-of-typing world. And to keep the ball rolling, a new Swype beta (v1.4.9.13905) is now available for those who enjoy trying things before they become available to the masses, with one of the main highlights of this release being the addition of Hindi and Belgium Dutch to the list of Advanced Language Models. There's more, however, as Swype also loaded its latest beta package with under-the-hood enhancements to the Smart Editor and improved tap input responsiveness for all languages it's available in -- which should go hand in hand with those other idiom-friendly features that were announced back in January. Regardless of it being a version sporting an abundance of numerical digits, it's safe to say many avid Swype beta fans will still find it worthwhile -- because, let's face it, who doesn't love betas?