The Daily Grind: Will you defend a game no matter what?

WAR can use a few defenders.  Also some content updates.

There are people out there who are going to hate your game of choice; It's just the nature of the beast. No matter what the next World of Warcraft expansion actually contains, some people will consider it the most vile aberration of gaming on the face of the planet. Most of us, fans of the game or not, just shrug and move on.

But not everyone. There are fans who see an insult as a call to defend the game, whether the game in question is Mortal Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some people feel that the best thing to do is to stand up and shout the game's praises.

At the best of times, this can dispel incorrect notions or outdated views and convince impartial onlookers that perhaps the game in question deserves a better reputation. At the worst of times, it comes off as a fan perilously incapable of seeing his or her favorite game receive any criticism whatsoever. So what about you? Will you defend a certain game no matter what?

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