HBO CEO casually mentions standalone HBO Go option for broadband subscribers, but it's not à la carte

HBO's president and COO Erik Kessler stated just last month that having à la carte access to HBO isn't going to happen in the near future, but it seems that the channel's CEO has been mulling a compromise. According to a new Reuters report, Richard Plepler believes that while HBO "has the right model today," HBO Go -- its standalone app -- "could evolve." In what way, you ask? Presently, HBO Go only shows content to folks who subscribe to the channel via their pay-TV provider, but Plepler seems to think that there's potential to sell monthly access to the app itself so long as buyers are also subscribed to a broadband internet connection.

In other words, this wouldn't provide HBO access via one's cable box or DVR, but considering that HBO Go just recently gained AirPlay support, an iPad + Apple TV combo could effectively accomplish the same thing. Well, outside of the whole "live viewing" thing. Still, the concept of paying $10 or $15 per month for HBO Go (alongside broadband) could be quite compelling for up-and-coming cord cutters -- after all, these folks are used to watching shows after they air. Now, here comes the part where you wait for these thoughts to translate into reality. If we had to guess, we'd say that HBO's oh-so-friendly cable partners aren't going to be inclined to let such a solid idea actually happen.