Microsoft fills in more details of rumored Windows Blue upgrade with Fresh Paint (video)

More evidence of Microsoft's rumored cross-platform update to Windows 8, codenamed "Blue," has leaked. The latest video obtained by MSFTKitchen has Microsoft's chief technical strategy officer Eric Rudder talking about "extending touch in even more dramatic fashion," as he more or less verifies Blue as the codename for the next Windows 8 update -- which is also rumored to encompass all Windows Phone 8, Services and RT products. As for Fresh Paint, the demo was designed to show a new watercolor option in the app while showcasing Blue's enhanced touch features for artists. There's still no word on when the new platform (not to be confused with Windows 9) or any apps may arrive, but upgrades are rumored to be switching to a yearly cycle -- so you might want to color in late 2013 on the calendar. The video's after the break.