NY approves Cornell Tech's applied sciences campus on Roosevelt Island

While Cornell has given its researchers the resources to build spider-like robots and move Pong paddles with the power of the mind, students more interested in the software side of engineering have not been getting as much love. That's about to change, however, with the recent City Planning Commission approval of Cornell Tech, a project to build an applied sciences campus on New York City's Roosevelt Island. Now the next step would be to get a blessing from the City Council. After all is said and done, we'll hopefully see the 12-acre site break ground in 2014, the campus opening its doors in 2017 and a full build-out by 2037. As they await their new home, Cornell is holding classes for aspiring computer whiz-kids at Google's Chelsea campus, where we're sure they'll get an inspiration or two. To see what else Cornell Tech has in store, check out the source link below.