Apple adds in-app purchase disclaimer to iTunes App Store pages

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Joseph Volpe
March 22, 2013 5:48 PM
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Apple adds in-app purchase disclaimer to iTunes App Store pages

iDevices make for great 21st century babysitters, what with all the free, kid-friendly apps. But that techno-garderie does have an unfortunate downside for distracted parents: unauthorized in-app purchases made by children. In response to lawsuits and a general brouhaha over unwittingly amassed charges, Apple is now including an "Offers In-App Purchases" disclaimer to freemium apps it hosts within the iTunes App Store -- not the storefronts found on iOS, the desktop app or web links. The Guardian was able to verify that the change is indeed new, but bizarrely enough it doesn't surface on the platforms where most users (read: children) would first download a game anyway. It's reasonable to assume the warning will extend to the rest of the company's platforms soon, but the safety of your wallet is still not guaranteed.

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