Samsung hopes new jury will nullify Apple patent infringement award

FOSS Patents is reporting that Samsung is asking the court to appoint a new jury to determine whether or not 14 of its products infringed on Apple's patents. The move, if granted by the court, could result in a lower monetary award to Apple than the US$1.05 billion initially awarded last August.

That initial award has already been chipped away at by the court, with Judge Lucy Koh pulling $450 million of the verdict as the jury had improperly awarded damages for 14 products. In this latest move in the never-ending Samsung/Apple chess game, the Korean manufacturer has asked for permission to exceed the court's limit on the number of pages submitted for its response to Apple's request for a case management conference on April 3.

Samsung invoked the Seventh Amendment to the US Constitution when explaining the need for the extra documentation, as it "would require that the new jury retry certain liability issues along with the damages issues that are subject to the Court's new trial order." Samsung's request went on to say that "the question of damages on the counterclaim is so interwoven with that of liability that the former cannot be submitted to the jury independently of the latter without confusion and uncertainty, which would amount to a denial of a fair trial."