AT&T to launch Digital Life in 15 markets, hopes to enter home automation field

AT&T is finally set to launch its Digital Life home automation service, and it's ready to do so in a big way. Initially planned for just eight markets, the telephony giant has expanded its coverage to 15 starting this spring, with the hope of 50 by the end of the year. Essentially a way to monitor your home, Digital Life packages may include live video, the ability to remotely toggle the light on and off, change the thermostat, unlock the door and more. Customers are able to set up programs and alerts via smartphone or tablet applications or the web. AT&T should bring some heavy clout to the home automation party, though it won't be the first big-name communications company to do so. For more information on Digital Life and what it offers, have a peek at the source below.

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AT&T Expands Digital Life Launch Markets

Customers in More Places Will Experience the Security, Simplicity and Efficiency of AT&T Digital Life
Dallas, Texas, March 22, 2013

Customers in 15 markets across the U.S. will soon get to experience the newest technology in home security and automation, AT&T Digital LifeSM. AT&T* today announced expanded initial launch plans for Digital Life from eight to 15 markets beginning this spring. AT&T will continue to launch Digital Life in new markets across the nation, with plans to reach up to 50 markets by the end of 2013.

Smart Security

The core of AT&T Digital Life is a complete security solution. Through dedicated 24/7 monitoring centers, professionals will alert police and fire authorities of emergencies, along with customers, including details on where the event inside the home occurred. Customers can choose from security features such as window sensors, glass break detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and more.

Simple Automation

With a state-of-the-art, user-friendly application, customers can easily manage and control security and automation devices by setting up programs and alerts. For instance, you can get a notice when your front porch video camera sees motion or set your system to turn on lights, unlock the door and change the thermostat when the garage door opens. The all-digital, wireless Digital Life platform allows extensive flexibility with the sensors and services available to customers which include water leak, CO, smoke and glass break sensors, thermostats for managing energy, wirelessly-controlled door locks, video cameras, and more.

"We've been building AT&T Digital Life with the intent to establish a strong position in an industry ripe with potential to connect customers to their homes in a game-changing, wireless-centric experience," said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, AT&T Digital Life. "We did extensive research, listened to our customers and worked hard to build a solution with an unmatched set of assets. We are excited for our customers to begin experiencing Digital Life and all the benefits it offers."

Experience AT&T Digital Life

Digital Life offers a simple purchasing process with several options. Customers may experience the services inside an AT&T store before making a purchase, order through a call center representative, visit, or schedule an appointment with an in-home sales consultant.

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